Welcome to Rufff - a football website with a difference.

This is not a place where you can find the latest results or up-to-the minute transfer gossip: we think it is much more interesting than that.

We have taken the raw data for more than 100 clubs over 125 years and used it to answer one of football's eternal questions: where does your team rank in history?

How do the English game's three giants – Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United – compare, not just in terms of the trophies they have won but where they have finished in the league and how they have done in the cups?

Do the two more recent superpowers – Manchester City and Chelsea – really have no history, or do we not give either enough credit for their glorious pasts? Do Spurs warrant a place among the elite any more than Aston Villa, Everton and Newcastle?

And that's just the start of it. You can discover who scores the most and least per game; which sides are best at winning, drawing or losing; is your team the fastest at going up or down, or have they stayed put more than most? You'll be surprised to learn there's a place at some or other top table for almost every club when we look at more than just trophy- bagging.

There is no shortage of information, so have a look around and see what appeals to you.  We hope you like Rufff, the home of relatively useless (or perhaps even really useful) football facts and figures.

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Oddballs A few things you might not know, and some you'd prefer not to
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Rufff.net is dedicated to all those professional soccer players who haven't achieved fame and fortune, and in particular to Bernard Smith, the (almost) unknown left back. Born in August 1907 as close as you can get to the middle of England – the village of Sileby to be precise - Bernard came to the attention of Birmingham while playing for Loughborough Corinthians in the early 1930s. After a couple of years at St Andrews and a few First Division appearances, he transferred to Coventry City for the princely sum of £1,000 and a wage of £8 a week, securing a regular place in the Sky Blues' Third Division South championship-winning side. The onset of World War 2 brought his playing days to a close after three years in the Second Division. Forced out of Coventry by hostilities, Bernard and his family returned to his native Leicestershire, where he forged a new career as a fishmonger. He died in relative obscurity in January 1988, at the age of 80.

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