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First time visitors should be aware that this is not the place for recent results and the latest speculation about a handful of Premier League outfits and their star players.  Instead, we aim to measure and compare the historic performance of almost all clubs in English (and to a lesser extent Scottish) first class football, and to present the information in a largely unique way.  So whether you're a supporter of Carlisle United or Brighton, Newcastle United or Plymouth Argyle, and any league club in between, you should learn something about your side which you didn't know before.
As regular visitors will have noticed, we've not been attending to the website recently.  That's because our statistician is still otherwise engaged.  So we're closing down for the rest of the summer while we update the tables etc to include last season's results.
Apologies for any disappointment.  We'll be back in the early autumn.
The Rufff Team




Posted: Monday July 29th 2013